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In July 2013 the University of gezond Tasmania launched Understanding Dementia, the world's first Dementia mooc. With one of the world's highest completion rates (39 83 the course was recognized in the journal Nature. 84 Startup Veduca 85 launched the first moocs in Brazil, in partnership with the University of são paulo in June 2013. The first two courses were basic Physics, taught by vanderlei salvador Bagnato, and Probability and Statistics, taught by melvin Cymbalista and André leme Fleury. 86 In the first two weeks following the launch at Polytechnic School of the University of são paulo, more than 10,000 students enrolled. 87 88 Startup Wedubox (Finalist at MassChallenge 2013) 89 launched the first mooc in finance and third mooc in Latam, the mooc was created by jorge borrero (mba universidad de la sabana) with the title "wacc and the cost of capital" it reached.500 students. Citation needed In the fall 2014 georgia institute of Technology launched the first mood (massive online open degree) (Master's degree) in computer science for 7000 by partnering with Udacity and. 90 91 In September 2014, the high street retailer, marks spencer partnered up with University of leeds to construct an mooc business course "which will use case studies from the company Archive alongside research from the University to show how innovation and people are key. The course will be offered by the uk based mooc platform, futurelearn. 93 On, the University of Cape town launched its first mooc, medicine and the Arts on the uk-led platform, futurelearn., openClassrooms, jointly with iesa multimedia, launches first mooc-based Bachelor degree in multimedia project management, recognized by French state.

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The course became available for high school students preparing for the sat subject Test in biology. 74 During the Spring 2013 semester, cathy davidson and Dan Ariely taught the "Surprise Endings: Social Science and Literature" a spoc course taught in-person at duke university and also as a mooc, with students from vetvlekken duke running the online discussions. 2 In the uk of summer 2013, Physiopedia ran their first mooc regarding Professional Ethics in collaboration with University of the western Cape in south Africa. 75 This was followed by a second course in 2014, Physiotherapy management of Spinal Cord Injuries, which was accredited by the world Confederation of Physical Therapy and attracted approximately 4000 participants with a 40 completion rate. 76 77 Physiopedia is the first provider of physiotherapy/physical therapy moocs, accessible to participants worldwide. 78 In March 2013, coursolve piloted a crowdsourced business strategy koop course for 100 organizations with the University of Virginia. 79 A data science mooc began in may 2013. coursera announced free e-books for some courses in partnership with Chegg, an online textbook-rental company. Students would use Chegg's e-reader, which limits copying and printing and could use the book only while enrolled in the class., the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill launched skynet University, 82 which offers moocs on introductory astronomy. Participants gain access to the university's global network of robotic telescopes, including those in the Chilean Andes and Australia.

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of Helsinki launched a finnish mooc in programming. The mooc is used as a way to offer high-schools the opportunity to provide programming courses for their students, even if no local premises or faculty that can organize such courses exist. 66 The course has been offered recurringly, and the top-performing students are admitted to a bsc and MSc program in Computer Science at the University of Helsinki. 66 67 At a meeting on e-learning and moocs, jaakko kurhila, head of studies for University of Helsinki, department of Computer Science, claimed that to date, there has been over 8000 participants in their moocs altogether. 68 On, ali lemus from Galileo university 69 launched the first Latin American mooc titled "Desarrollando Aplicaciones para iphone y ipad" 70 This mooc is a spanish remix of Stanford University's popular "CS 193p iphone Application development" and had 5,380 students enrolled. The technology used to host the mooc was the galileo educational System platform (GES) which is based on the. 71 "Gender Through Comic books" was a course taught by ball State University 's Christina Blanch on Instructure's Canvas Network, a mooc platform launched in november 2012. 72 The course used examples from comic books to teach academic concepts about gender and perceptions. 73 In november 2012, the University of miami launched its first high school mooc as part of Global Academy, its online high school.

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Canvas Network commercial Santa Clara University, university of Utah, université lille ll Rights Reserved, registration required. Peer to peer University non-profit N/a usa 2009 Creative commons Attribution Share Alike.0 Udacity commercial georgia institute of Technology, san Jose State University, google, m, facebook, cloudera, nvidia, autodesk, cadence, hubSpot, tableau usa 2012 Eliademy based on the Open source moodle virtual learning environment. 52 Commercial Aalto University Executive education The site is localized to more than 19 languages (including Latin designed for mobile use. 52 openhpi 54 55 n/a launched in September 2012 by the hasso Plattner Institute at the University of Potsdam, germany germany 2012 All rights reserved Futurelearn 56 57 Commercial University of Birmingham, university of Edinburgh, king's College london, university of leicester, university of reading, open. OpenClassrooms 58 59 Commercial google, microsoft, ibm, zendesk, école polytechnique, centraleSupélec France 2007 Creative commons licence, type by-nc-sa openLearning 60 Commercial University of New south Wales, taylor's University, university of Technology, sydney, sunway university, national University of Malaysia, university of Science, malaysia australia 2012 edx. Polhn non-profit who, pacific Ministries of health 63 Western Pacific Region 2005 Free courses, free software alison commercial N/A Ireland 2007 m Commercial N/a usa 1995 Shaw Academy commercial N/A Ireland 2013 Udemy commercial Strayer healthcity University usa 2010 Emergence of innovative courses edit early cmoocs. As of may 2014, more than 900 moocs are offered by us universities and colleges. As of February 2013 dozens eten of universities had affiliated with moocs, including many international institutions. 36 64 In addition, some organisations operate their own moocs including google's Power search. A range of courses have emerged; "There was a real question of whether this would work for humanities and social science said.

It is available to the public under the Affero gpl open source license, which requires that all improvements to the platform be publicly posted and made available under the same license. 47 Stanford Vice Provost John Mitchell said that the goal was to provide the " Linux of online learning." 48 This is unlike companies such as coursera that have developed their own platform. 49 by november 2013, EdX offered 94 courses from 29 institutions around the world. During its first 13 months of operation (ending March 2013 coursera offered about 325 courses, with 30 in the sciences, 28 in arts and humanities, 23 in information technology, 13 in business and 6 in mathematics. 50 Udacity offered 26 courses. The number of courses offered has since increased dramatically: As of January 2016, Edx offers 820 courses, coursera offers 1580 courses and Udacity offers more than 120 courses. According to futurelearn, the British council's Understanding ielts: Techniques for English Language tests has an enrollment of over 440,000 students. 51 In France, openClassrooms, which had been offering online tutorials in it and programming languages since 1999, begins producing moocs in 2012. It now offers more than 1000 courses, focusing on technology and digital skills, mainly in French, but also in English and Spanish, produced either in house, or in partnership with universities and companies. Notable providers edit Provider Type Example institutional participants headquarters founded Content License Stanford Online non-profit Stanford University usa 2006 Free for registered users, personal/non-commercial usage coursera commercial Stanford University, princeton University, arizona State University, university of Maryland College park, ohio state University, university of Illinois. Wiziq commercial iit delhi, des moines Area community college India/usa 2007 Not Free, all rights reserved.

The initiative then added the University of Texas System, wellesley college and georgetown University. In September 2013, edX announced a partnership with google to develop mooc. Org, a site for non- xConsortium groups to build and host courses. Google will work on the core platform development with edX partners. In addition, google and edX will collaborate on research into how students learn and how technology can transform learning and teaching. Org will adopt google's infrastructure. 45 The Chinese Tsinghua university mooc platform m (launched Oct. 2013) uses the Open edX platform. each mooc tended to develop its own delivery platform. EdX in April 2013 joined with Stanford University, which previously had its own platform called Class2go, to work on XBlock sdk, a joint open-source platform.

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41 The first of zijkant those courses was Introduction Into ai, launched by sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig. Enrollment quickly reached 160,000 students. The announcement was followed within weeks by the launch of two more moocs, by Andrew Ng and Jennifer Widom. Following the publicity and high enrollment numbers of these courses, Thrun started a company he named Udacity and Daphne koller and Andrew Ng launched coursera. Coursera subsequently announced university partnerships with University of Pennsylvania, princeton University, stanford University and The University of Michigan. 42 In January 2013, Udacity launched its first moocs-for-credit, in collaboration with San Jose State University. In may 2013 the company announced the first entirely mooc-based master's degree, a collaboration between Udacity, at t and the georgia institute of Technology, costing 7,000, a fraction of its normal tuition. 43 Concerned about the commercialization of online education, in 2012 mit created the not-for-profit mitx. 44 The inaugural course,.002x, launched in March 2012. Harvard joined the group, renamed edX, that spring, and University of California, berkeley joined in the summer. glutenvrij kopen online

33 During a presentation at sxswedu in early 2013, Instructure ceo josh coates suggested that moocs are in the midst of aankoop a hype cycle, with expectations undergoing wild swings. 34 Dennis Yang, President of mooc provider Udemy, later made the point in an article for the huffington Post. 35 Many universities scrambled to join in the "next big thing as did more established online education service providers such as Blackboard huidziekten Inc, in what has been called a "stampede." dozens of universities in Canada, mexico, europe and Asia have announced partnerships with the large. 36 37 by early 2013, questions emerged about whether academia was "mooc'd out." 33 38 This trend was later confirmed in continuing analysis. 39 The industry has an unusual structure, consisting of linked groups including mooc providers, the larger non-profit sector, universities, related companies and venture capitalists. The Chronicle of Higher Education lists the major providers as the non-profits Khan Academy and edx, and the for-profits Udacity and coursera. 40 The larger non-profit organizations include the bill melinda gates foundation, the macArthur foundation, the national Science foundation, and the American council on Education. University pioneers include Stanford, harvard, mit, the University of Pennsylvania, caltech, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of California at Berkeley, and San Jose State University. 40 Related companies investing in moocs include google and educational publisher pearson plc. Venture capitalists include Kleiner Perkins caufield byers, new Enterprise Associates and Andreessen Horowitz. 40 In the fall of 2011 Stanford University launched three courses.

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To distinguish the two, stephen Downes proposed the terms "cmooc" and "xmooc". 24 25 cmoocs geitenmelk are based on principles from connectivist pedagogy indicating that material should be aggregated (rather than pre-selected remixable, re-purposable, and feeding forward (i.e. Evolving materials should be targeted at future learning). Cmooc instructional design approaches attempt to connect learners to each other to answer questions or collaborate on joint projects. This may include emphasizing collaborative development of the mooc. 30 Andrew ravenscroft of the london Metropolitan University claimed that connectivist moocs better support collaborative dialogue and knowledge building. 31 32 xmoocs have a much more traditional course structure typically with a clearly specified syllabus of recorded lectures and self-test problems. They employ elements of the original mooc, but are, in effect, branded it platforms that offer content distribution partnerships to institutions. 25 The instructor is the expert provider of knowledge, and student interactions are usually limited to asking for assistance and advising each other on difficult points. Emergence of mooc providers edit According to The new York times, 2012 became "the year of the mooc" as several well-financed providers, associated with top universities, emerged, including coursera, udacity, and edX. 2 Dennis Yang, President of mooc provider Udemy has suggested that moocs are in the midst of a hype cycle, with expectations undergoing a wild swing.

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9 by 2010 audiences for the most popular college courses such as "Justice" with Michael. Sandel and "Human Anatomy" with Marian diamond were reaching millions. 10 Early approaches edit george operatie siemens interview Tabulation of the significant differences between xmooc and cmooc. 11 The first moocs emerged from the open educational resources (OER) movement. The term mooc was coined in 2008 by dave cormier of the University of Prince Edward Island in response to a course called Connectivism and Connective knowledge (also known as cck08 ). Cck08, which was led by george siemens of Athabasca University and Stephen Downes of the national Research council, consisted of 25 tuition-paying students in Extended Education at the University of Manitoba, as well as over 2200 online students from the general public who paid nothing. 12 All course content was available through rss feeds, and online students could participate through collaborative tools, including blog posts, threaded discussions in moodle, and Second Life meetings. Stephen Downes considers these so-called cmoocs to be more "creative and dynamic" than the current xmoocs, which he believes "resemble television shows or digital textbooks." 12 Other cmoocs were then developed; for example, jim Groom from The University of Mary washington and Michael Branson Smith. 16 moocs from private, non-profit institutions emphasized prominent faculty members and expanded existing distance learning offerings (e.g., podcasts) into free and open online courses. 17 Alongside the development of these open courses, other E-learning platforms emerged — such as Khan Academy, peer-to-peer University (P2pu udemy, and alison — which are viewed as similar to moocs and work outside the university system or emphasize individual self-paced lessons. Cmoocs and xmoocs edit moocs and Open Education Timeline (updated 2015 version) 9 23 As moocs have evolved, there appear to be two distinct types: those that emphasize the connectivist philosophy, and those that resemble more traditional courses.

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Not to be confused with, mook. Poster, entitled "mooc, every letter is negotiable exploring the meaning of the words "Massive open Online course". A massive open online course mooc /muk/ ) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. 1, in addition to traditional course materials such as filmed lectures, readings, and problem sets, many moocs provide interactive user forums to support community interactions among students, professors, and teaching assistants (TAs). Moocs are a recent and widely researched development in distance education which were first introduced in 2006 and emerged nutrilon as a popular mode of learning acne in 2012. 2, early moocs often emphasized open-access features, such as open licensing of content, structure and learning goals, to promote the reuse and remixing of resources. Some later moocs use closed licenses for their course materials while maintaining free access for students. 4 5 6 7, contents, history edit, what is a mooc?, december 2010. Precursors edit, main article: Distance learning, before the, digital Age, distance learning appeared in the form of correspondence courses in the 1890s1920s and later radio and television broadcast of courses and early forms of e-learning. Typically fewer than five percent of the students would complete a course. 8, the 2000s saw changes in online, or e-learning and distance education, with increasing online presence, open learning opportunities, and the development of moocs.

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De meeste mensen die glutenintolerant zijn, voelen zich al beter na enkele dagen met het glutenvrij dieet. Klachten zoals misselijkheid, diarree, moeheid en een opgeblazen gevoel verdwijnen binnen enkele weken. Een gezonde levensstijl met glutenvrij, daarnaast eten ook veel mensen glutenvrij omdat ze vinden dat dit een gezonder alternatief is qua lifestyle. Met onze glutenvrije producten kan je zowel omgaan met je allergie alswel lekkere producten maken als alternatief op je normale dieet.

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De lekkerste glutenvrije producten voor een glutenvrij dieet. Wie glutenintolerant is, moet een glutenvrij dieet volgen. Door het eten van glutenvrije voeding herstellen de darmen en kunnen ze weer voldoende voedingsstoffen opnemen.

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